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That time of year is almost upon us: the weeks spent shopping for the perfect gift for a loved one, evenings spent baking yummy goodies, children telling Santa what they absolutely need for Christmas (because not having a PlayStation 4 can mean the end of the world to someone, you know), and, of course, the end of annual dental insurance benefit limits!

Why, in fact – the end-of-year rush to the dentist’s office is as traditional as The Great Pumpkin or getting lost in the mall parking lot. Not so much for you, you say? Well it’s never too late to start.

You see, your annual insured amount doesn’t roll over once January arrives. And with the hectic pace that we’re forced to keep all throughout December, it’s no surprise that it might slip the minds of some of you. So, if you don’t take advantage of your time in November to make a post-Halloween visit to see us, it’s vital to make an appointment during the month of reindeer and candy canes.

Let’s go through the simple math of it for you.

If you have an annual maximum of $2,000 and you have only used $500, that leaves $1,500 totally unused. Or, more correctly, that’s $1,500 wasted. It’s basically your insurance company saying, “You snooze, you lose!” since you’ve already paid them.

So why not have those cavities taken care of? Come in for that hygiene appointment and keep your teeth looking their brightest! As sweet as it is, we disagree with the idea that all you should want for Christmas is your two front teeth. We think you deserve ALL of them! So get that bridge, start that dental implant, get fitted for braces, order your dentures, or fill that gap.

You’re already paying a monthly premium for your plan, so don’t let that money go down the drain. And after all, your oral health is closely tied to your overall health. Take care of yourself and your loved ones by ensuring that the year 2019 is a healthy and happy one, and then you can rest easy knowing you knocked 2018 out of the park.

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