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Dr. Kevin Schade

Childhood impressions can last a lifetime. And this was certainly the case for Dr. Kevin Schade’s early experiences as a dental patient. While the roots of dentophobia can be found in many first dental visits, the opposite was true for Kevin:

“I had a really great dentist as a child and it was he who inspired me to become a dentist. He was kind, patient, and understanding, and I always thought it would be nice to do what he did at some point.”

Sure enough, this early impression fueled Dr. Schade’s career trajectory from Calgary to Edmonton, where he would study dentistry at the University of Alberta in 2003. At the time, Kevin didn’t realize what an impact studying in Edmonton would have on his future.

While away from friends and family, Kevin discovered a newfound appreciation for his true hometown, Calgary. Realizing just how deep his roots ran, he returned upon completing his education and has been practicing dentistry in Calgary ever since.

Fifteen years later and Calgary feels more and more like home to Kevin. He still loves returning here after time spent away.

Ideally, free time is spent right here in Calgary. When Kevin isn’t driving his girls to hockey or cheerleading practice, he likes to keep busy. Time spent on the golf course, ski hill, or hockey rink is his ideal recreational outlet!

Back at 4th Avenue Dental Centre, Dr. Schade’s practice is centred around the belief that each individual’s dental needs and expectations are unique. By taking the time to listen to his patients, Dr. Schade is able to provide the bespoke level of care they deserve.

“What really feels great is that for some people, it takes a great deal of trust for a person to allow me to do dentistry for them. I know for some it can feel very daunting and nerve-wracking, and being able to help people through those moments is very gratifying.”

And this personalized attention goes a long way in solidifying the long-term relationships Dr. Schade continues to build with his patients:

“I have a few patients whom I’ve been seeing for years and years, since very early in my career.  There are a couple who were barely 3 feet tall, and now they TOWER over me.  It feels really cool to be trusted to care for their teeth, and to have seen them through most of their early years. I think those are the moments that really do it for me… it is the relationships that I have built through this career that I cherish.”


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